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Holmes is a term used by Grisha in an attempt to act cool. [1]

Controversy of termEdit

What Grisha does not in fact comprehend is that this word is actually not a word at all, but a name with various connotations. [2] He uses it as a replacement for the word "homes", i.e. "homies". But Grisha is not at all gangster, so this does not at all work.

Uses of wordEdit

  • Sherlock Holmes, popular book character.
  • Justin Holmes, cool guy.
  • Katie Holmes, scientoligist. [3]
  • Idiotic Grisha speech. [4]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Quote from Grisha in Daily Mail: "I want to be cool, so I use the word "Holmes" as much as I can.
  2. Does not appear in the Oxford Dictionary.
  3. Daniel has been to a scientology church.
  4. As viewed by the awesome Margie.