Margie is the creater of Wiki Wiki Wa Wa. However, she lacks the mad DJing skillz to be as awesome as Grisha is and has to compensate by make silly noises.

Also, she is not as cool as Grisha.

The Wiki Wiki Wa Wa DebateEdit

Margie has attempted to say that she is cooler than Grisha, however, she so obviously isn't. This is verified by an objective source, whio is so objective that one cannot say his name without making it unobjective. [1]

Grisha has hit back by saying that Margie is not as cool as he is, and commentators have recently announced that Margie has been 'schooled.' [2]

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The unobjectively stupid Grisha
  2. "Schooled": A term only used by idiots such as Grisha, see "Holmes".